April 17, 2018


If you’re stuck in this, I feel for you.  So, it has been about a week or so since LFIN has been halted.  I have two new traders in my service who have recently, who are stuck in the LFIN T12 halt.  They came to my service because where they were didn’t care. Where they were got them into that mess.

Now, this is not an I told you so blog, but just a reminder-blog of what can happen to you in trading.  An example of why you need an experienced trader at the helm to protect yourself from some of the pitfalls that lurk out there in the trading world.  

Many in my chatroom wanted to trade LFIN –  I just wouldn’t make an alert on it.  It was a dangerous company and trading stock  – everyone knew that. Hell, it was all over Social Media what a b.s. company it was.  Sure it was tough watching the highlight videos of how much services were making in trading LFIN.  But in the end, so many traders’ capital is stuck in LFIN.  You don’t see the videos on that, now do you.

So these two folks in my service that are stuck are so glad that they’re in my service now.  I’m someone that can protect you from yourself as you start your trading career. You need that someone with the experience to say “no” , to give you opportunities with less risk but still allow you to partake in profits each day.

Now RIOT is a stock that I will not trade because I feel it will do the same thing to traders. RIOT is on my avoid list because I fear it may go into a T-12 halt while trading, so I stay away from it .  Sure, you will never know all the companies that this may happen to,  but in day trading or swing trading if you have a suspicion or a clue or reading about that it might be a dangerous stock – just stay away from it. There are so many stocks in the universe to trade, that you can go after. Do you want to be part of YouTube highlight video or be making money in the safest possible way?

Sure Day trading, Swing trading, Long term trading can be risky enough, but we don’t need to add the LFIN’s and RIOT’s to the mix. That’s just plain dangerous.  NEVER risk blowing up your account on a single trade.  Day trading is hard, nobody denies that.  What we don’t need is to add the LFINs of the world to it, to make it even harder.  Especially, when it was broadcasted how dangerous this stock was.  Listen to the warning signs that tell you to stay away.

Another stock that was recently delisted was LBCC Long blockchain. Now, it hasn’t had a T-12 yet but you need to be wary of these Blockchain bubble stocks.  By the way, this was an iced tea company located in New York that added blockchain to its name.   

Now, I have been day trading for over 15 years, involved in the markets for 20 something years, and I have never been in a T12 halted stock.  Is that luck?  Maybe, maybe not. What i do know is that market awareness comes from experience. New traders don’t have that experience yet and need someone like that to protect them in the beginning – someone who gives a sh*t about you.   https://www.zozostockwatch.com/

So, be alert out there.  Have an idea of what you are trading.